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How are Inkstones and Cast Iron Cookware similar?

As a young child I used to watch my father cook and help my mother bake. This explains why I find cooking relaxing after a long day working at the computer. As the primary evening cook in my household, I decided to purchase some iron cookware pans. I was used to them from my childhood. […]


Shadow Photography and Calligraphy

Shadows began to intrigue me more than 20 years ago when I, someone fascinated by calligraphy and the color of ink, moved from my beloved Japan to Australia. In a southern country whose language was different from mine, I was struck less by that difference than by the contrast of Australia’s drier air and clear […]


Shadow Photography and Calligraphy



What Calligraphy Teachers Never Told You About The Nitten

Is scandal possible in the world of Japanese calligraphy? The Nitten, the largest annual fine arts exhibition in Japan and currently attended by about 175,000 visitors, has admitted to rigging exhibition results for the screening of the 2009 section “seal engraving” within the calligraphy section of the exhibition for that year. Further research resulted in […]