Calligraphy works: 龍 (りゅう, ryū), i.e.”dragon”

Dragon Calligraphy

Dragon Calligraphy

龍 (りゅう, ryū), i.e.”dragon”. The treasures used were a soft mountain goat brush (羊毛筆) with a long and thin bristle accompanied by thick but dry ink, which helped to create dry strokes emphasising movement. Slightly and gently crumpling the paper resulted in more dramatic feeling to the line. Choosing to hold the brush at the end of its axis increased the brush tip’s unpredictable mobility to a certain extent. Overall, the style could be classified as modern semi-cursive script (現代書道).

Size: 30x35cm, calligraphy by Ponte Ryūrui (品天龍涙).

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Ponte Ryūrui

Ponte Ryuurui (品天龍涙, ぽんてりゅうるい, Ponte Ryūrui) is the pen name of Piotr Ponte L. Sypniewski. He began studying calligraphy in 2001 under Japanese Master Kajita Esshuu (梶田越舟, かじたえっしゅう, 1938 – present).

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