Sensei Ransui’s student, David from America

It’s been a busy week around Beyond Calligraphy, so to relax we have decided to share a few links for everyone.

1. For anyone wanting to learn or try Sumi-e, Sensei Kazu Shimura has some great posts and video’s in English that can help any beginner get started.

2. If Sumi-e is not what you are looking for and you want to learn about Kanji. You can always watch some videos from Nao. She has very large collection of Kanji videos on her website.

3. This is just something we found interesting when it comes to the Facebook Fan pages and what happens when you like a page, say hamburgers?

The image was taken at the 洛陽中国書法水墨画院軸装展 (LOUYANG CHINESE CALLIGRAPHIC ART & CHINESE INK PAINTERS SCHOOL) Exhibition by a upcoming student name David from America. Would like to say Thank you to Sensei Ransui for his time at the exhibition and his wonderful work.