About us

About Our Magazine

Beyond Calligraphy was born of a dream. Our dream was to create a hub for people around the globe to find information and inspiration about calligraphy and the world beyond calligraphy — the art and the craft, the ideas and knowledge, the skills and techniques and also the “softer” or “inner” aspects of discipline, personal transformation and wisdom.

When we started Beyond Calligraphy in 2010, the world of calligraphy was dispersed. It was isolated. It was difficult to begin or continue to learn calligraphy and find information in an organized way. Searching was and is a hit or miss matter. We are proud to be changing that.

An important part of Beyond Calligraphy is its community, the people who share their knowledge and experience. This community can grow by building bridges and having an open view about our often firmly held opinions of what constitutes calligraphy and what does not.

We strive to be global, going beyond our initial focus on Japan and China. We believe that connecting calligraphers from the East and West, the North and South is an important way to strengthen and invigorate our community.

Whether you are looking to buy your first brush or have been practicing for decades, whether you are a writer, a researcher, a painter, a poet or translator or an active reader with immense curiosity, we hope that you will find mystery and passion to enrich your mind, your heart and your hand.

Welcome to Beyond Calligraphy.