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Our mission is to help you learn about or improve your calligraphy, inspire you and have others discover your work and love it.

Our Story

Dave Gosine: The seeds of Beyond-Calligraphy were planted in 1985 when my Japanese friend’s mother taught a few of lessons of shodo and sumi-e to our grade 6 class. I always remember thinking how strange it felt as I thought brushes were only for painting and pens were for writing. What did I know? I was only 12.

Fast forwarding ahead, I ended up moving and living in Japan. I did not know the language but was able recognize a few of the Kanji thanks to having lived close to Chinatown in my hometown. I decided to restart studying calligraphy after 25 years. Looking on the internet, I did not find much valuable information at the time. So in 2010 Beyond Calligraphy was born, as I wanted to create a place where everyone could share their experiences in Calligraphy and help each other grow together.

Sakiko Yanagisawa: I began my study of calligraphy at the age of 6 because I felt a strong connection when I saw my mother writing calligraphy. Continuing to study, I received the title of Master Calligrapher in 2008. Around the same time, I had been studying English with enthusiasm. I decided that I wanted to teach calligraphy to people from many different countries. I write articles for Beyond calligraphy and teach calligraphy to travelers who visit Tokyo. I love sharing the pleasures of calligraphy.

Rona Conti: My dream to study calligraphy in Japan took over 30 years. Living in Japan studying for long periods, when returning to the US, I felt a need for continued connections. Once I happened upon Beyond Calligraphy in 2012, I was delighted. I began editing, then writing articles and helping others to write theirs. Working with Dave and Sakiko, I continue to learn and hope others can have a similar experience. I know my calligraphy has improved from this association, and yours can too..


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