Chinese New Year’s Eve

Chinese New Year

This year’s Chinese New Year, which is the first day of the lunar year, is coming in less than a month on February 8th. According to ancient tradition, families gather around for dinner on New Year’s eve, symbolizing the start of a fifteen-days celebration from lunar January 1st to the 15th, which is also the…

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彷徨う 龍 の魂の軌跡

profile mariusz szmerdt 300x2482 - 彷徨う 龍 の魂の軌跡

水墨画(墨絵)という芸術は、もともと東アジア(主に中国と日本)のものであり、私の故郷ポーランドでは、特に、アジアの文化に慣れ親しんでいない人にとっては、むしろ異色なものでした。芸術の本質は無限で、作品の隅々まで、深く味わわせてくれます。 […]

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Choosing Calligraphy Paper

The famous words of calligraphy sage Wang Xizhi (王羲之, 303–361) from the Jin dynasty (晉朝, 265 – 420) go: “use a hard brush on soft paper, and a soft brush on hard paper.” This golden rule is followed today, however one needs to remember than only the artist really knows what he wants. Learning how…

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