How do a female car stunt driver and a contemporary calligraphy artist collaborate to make magic in just over a minute and make each of us want to create as they do? How do they go far beyond the traditional “ your name written in calligraphy ” advertised so often on the internet?

The new Opel Corsa is San Yalemos’s vehicle of creativity, brush and paint are those of Simon Silaidis. In tandem, one feeding off the other, pushing the limits of their tools and bodies in an expansive landscape, together they create a vision that makes one want to enter into their world. And one can not only do that but actually have one’s own name written.

One is captivated by the sheer artistry, the vision, the idea behind what is, at its essence, a commercial advertisement. It’s purpose is to entertain while at the same time to entice, enthrall, and encourage ownership of such a vehicle, It is a perfect example of a modern application of calligraphy. While the driving and capabilities of the new Opal are dramatically demonstrated, the finale is one of “OH’ or incredible or many other adjectives. Bringing vision into form in such a way goes far beyond expectations. It surprises and delights. And it can finish with your name!