Simon Silaidis is a designer with 12 years of experience under his belt – in the past year he developed a newly found passion for urban calligraphy. Simon’s style is a mix of Western, Asian and Arabian calligraphy; he tries to locate abandoned places and create urban works of art through the artistic use of calligraphy.The materials of choice used to create his works in studio are ink and bamboo pens – when it comes to wall paintings, flat brushes and large brooms are utilized instead.

Geisha's Haiku
Geisha’s Haiku

Artists: Simon Silaidis:
Urban Calligraphy / Broom & Acrylics Insane51 Photorealism / Spraypaint


Urban Calligraphy
In this white wave I am sinking,
in this silence In this white wave, in this silence
I believe…

To view more of Simon Silaidis’s work please visit his flickr page