“Lucid Dreaming” is an act of rebellion. The dreamer gains control over his actions and thoughts. The subconscious becomes conscious, dreams become a memory.

The Lucid Dreamer is like a magician, imposing willpower and constantly struggling with himself, to master his skills and gain full control of the dream, thus becoming the ruler of the maze instead of a single puppet in the paradox black hole of perception.

In life, in creation, there are times that everything seems pointless and dark. Shadows of doubt are casted upon each and every soul, trying to bring them down and enslave them.But Simon knows and likes to remind us, that gaining control of your actions, gaining control of your life, these are the first steps of making your dreams come true.

Be a lucid dreamer. Take control. Be a rebel.

Artist Bio:

Simon Silaidis is a designer, a thinker, a vision-er, a pioneer… He applied his life’s love of calligraphy in the rural, urban and suburban surroundings of Asia and Europe. You will spot his work in abandoned places that never you expect to find something there.His unique style of calligraphy is a mix of Western, Asian and Arabian and his vision of a new world of calligraphy based in tranquility and symmetry dominating our surrounding is in fact the inner change he proposes to world.


DESIGNWARS presents “Urban Calligraphy Lucid Dream”
Urban Calligraphy / Simon Silaidis
SHOT & DIRECTED / Alex Ioannou from Alexisdead (alexisdead.com)
EDITING & GRADING / SECTIONGRAPHIX (facebook.com/sectiongraphix)
A Designwars production (designwars.com)

RAMSESB – Sanctified

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