Ink Traces of the Wandering Dragon Spirit

By Ponte Ryūrui / 21/01/2012 /

The art of ink painting (墨絵, すみえ, sumi-e), being a discipline native to Far Eastern cultures (mainly China and Japan), is rather exotic in Poland, my

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Ślady Tuszu Wędrującej Duszy Smoka

By Ponte Ryūrui / 21/01/2012 /

Sztuka malowania tuszem (墨絵, すみえ, sumi-e) wywodząca się z kultur dalekiego wschodu (głównie Chin i Japonii) jest w Polsce raczej egzotyczna, zwłaszcza dla

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The Sun of Vast Skies – a calligraphy seal. Part II

By Ponte Ryūrui / 09/01/2012 /

The art of seal pressing is a vital part of both calligraphy and ink-painting. Without knowledge of how and what kind of seal to press, one can never be

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Hanging scroll – the ancient tradition (Part II)

By Ponte Ryūrui / 20/10/2011 /

In this article on hanging scrolls I would like to explain one of the correct ways of signing the protective box that comes with the scroll.

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Hanging scroll – the ancient tradition (Part 1)

By Ponte Ryūrui / 01/08/2011 /

The hanging scroll is an art of its own, although it does not exist without the calligraphy work. It is said that the beauty of calligraphy depends on the

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Ginza, Tokyo - Seal Carving Exhibition - April 2011

Seal Carving Exhibition in Ginza, Tokyo, 2011. April.

By Ponte Ryūrui / 05/04/2011 /

This time we would like to invite you on a virtual tour to a seal carving exhibition that took place in Tokyo, in April 2011. Some 400 seal imprints were displayed, as well as around

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