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Ouyang Xun


Cómo entender la caligrafía del Extremo Oriente (parte 1)

By Jon Leniz / 11/05/2012 /

En chino, el arte de la caligrafía es conocido como shu fa (書法, los principios / leyes de la escritura) y en japonés como shodou (書道, el camino de la

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figure 1 logic behind the magic brush techniques pIIIa 194x300 194x300 - Logic Behind The Magic - Brush Techniques, Part III (a).

Logic Behind The Magic – Brush Techniques, Part III (a).

By Ponte Ryūrui / 28/02/2012 /

the way in which the brush is controlled by the arm, wrist and finger, allowing the calligrapher to write a desired line.

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How to understand Far Eastern Calligraphy? (Part One)

By Ponte Ryūrui / 14/06/2011 /

Before we venture into the abyssal realm of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy, we need to ask ourselves a question: what does “calligraphy” really mean? Word “calligraphy” has Greek etymology, and it derives

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