Symphony of Ink, Part II

By Ponte Ryūrui / 25/06/2012 /

The work itself is mesmerizing, a brilliant ink application. The dry strokes, so called “kasure” (掠れ, かすれ) in Japanese, ought to add dynamism yet sometimes

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Cómo entender la caligrafía del Extremo Oriente (parte 2)

By Jon Leniz / 19/05/2012 /

Los caracteres en caligrafía deben aparecer vivos, preservando la mente del artista, y ser lo suficientemente expresivos para ser capaces de narrar una

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Little Great Calligraphy – Part I

By Ponte Ryūrui / 22/12/2011 /

Small calligraphy requires true mastery of the brush to be powerful, for the lines to come alive and heat up the aura with searing flames of passion through

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