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Chiune Sugihara


Chiune Sugihara, The Heart Sutra, and L’Dor V’Dor, from Generation to Generation.

By Rona Conti / 06/11/2016 /

Chiune Sugihara was a Japanese diplomat who, in July of 1940, through extraordinary measures and under seemingly impossible circumstances, selflessly saved the lives of endangered Jews. To honor his memory and that of those whose lives were both lost and saved, artwork by Rona Conti can now be viewed at the Sugihara Foundation and Museum…

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ペルソナ ノン グラータ(杉原千畝

By Sakiko Yanagisawa / 23/04/2016 /

2015年、第二次世界大戦の最中に活動した日本の外交官 杉原千畝についての映画が監督チェリン グラックによって制作された。この映画は、杉原によって救われリトアニアから逃れてきたユダヤ人難民の殆どが暮らしているポーランドで撮影された。

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PERSONA NON GRATA – Chiune Sugihara

By Sakiko Yanagisawa / 15/03/2016 /

In 2015, a film about the Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara and his actions in the midst of WWII was made by Director Cellin Gluck. The film was shot in Poland where most of the Jewish refugees whose lives he saved had escaped from to Lithuania. The movie’s name is “PERSONA NON GRATA” (Japanese movie title:…

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