figure_1_ hiragana_i

平仮名 (ひらがな, hiragana): い (i.e. "i")

By Ponte Ryūrui / 14/07/2011 /

The modern form of い comes from the cursive form of the kanji 以 (い, i, i.e. “by means of”, “because of”, etc.). Follow the different scripts shown in

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Kanji: 一

By Ponte Ryūrui / 22/06/2011 /

一 belongs to the 指事文字 (shiji moji, i.e. characters expressing simple abstract concept) group of characters. One theory says that the shape of kanji 一 is based on the 算木 (sangi), which were divination rods (small wooden sticks of a similar shape to matches, but longer and thicker). Sangi were

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