How to Design the Perfect Calligraphy Tattoo?


Most people get ink (tattooed) to identify a specific time or event in their life or a significant aspect of themselves. This can be a simple symbol, words, or a detailed design based on something with meaning. For an English speaker, tattooing using English words isn’t that interesting or creative, so people look for different ways of writing the same word in other languages in the hope of finding something interesting. This is one reason you see many people with Kanji / Hanzi Tattoos. That is … [Read more...]

Why do People Ask Calligraphers to Have Their Name Translated from English to Japanese?

Dave's Calligraphy

We have been publishing Beyond-Calligraphy for some time now, and we have made many good friends and received many interesting requests. Some requests are easy, others are interesting, and then there are some that just keep don’t make sense to the team. This one is asked frequently. “Can you please translate my name from English to Japanese?” We always reply with the same answer which is “yes” we can (don’t worry, we are not running for office), but can you please give more details … [Read more...]

Why should I worry about Colour Management? I am just a Calligrapher not a Photographer.


As promised in the conclusion to Part I of this article, we will now discuss colour management. Colour management is a workflow to control colour representation across all devices in the imaging chain. Most times the imaging chain starts with the camera and usually finishes with your printer. To control the colour, the colour management software creates profiles for all your devices. These profiles provide a description of each device’s gamut. A gamut is the range of colours that a … [Read more...]