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How Do You Price Yourself?

By Dave Gosine / 13/05/2016 /

Have you ever received a request from someone asking to use your work online? For most of us the answer would be yes. If not, if you keep creating good work, someone will ask you. What would be your response? As we all know, it’s a great feeling when someone asks to use your work…

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How Not to Price Your Artwork

By Rona Conti / 25/12/2015 /

A Beyond Calligraphy reader and fellow artist wrote to me asking a simple question. “How do I price my artwork?” Fortunately he could not hear my interior groan. It isn’t that I am disinclined to help others based upon my experiences. Quite the contrary, I believe that there aren’t secrets, or there should not be…

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5 Tips to Help Anyone Starting Off in Shodo

By Dave Gosine / 23/10/2015 /

From my conversations with the Beyond Calligraphy community, it seems that a lot of people have a difficult time finding a good shodo teacher from whom to learn or any teacher at all. This means that a lot of students are trying to learn from books or streaming video services. This is a double-edged sword.…

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How to Design the Perfect Calligraphy Tattoo?

By Dave Gosine / 09/07/2015 /

Most people get ink (tattooed) to identify a specific time or event in their life or a significant aspect of themselves. This can be a simple symbol, words, or a detailed design based on something with meaning. For an English speaker, tattooing using English words isn’t that interesting or creative, so people look for different…

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Dave's Calligraphy

Why do People Ask Calligraphers to Have Their Name Translated from English to Japanese?

By Dave Gosine / 24/06/2015 /

We have been publishing Beyond-Calligraphy for some time now, and we have made many good friends and received many interesting requests. Some requests are easy, others are interesting, and then there are some that just keep don’t make sense to the team. This one is asked frequently. “Can you please translate my name from English…

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Why should I worry about Colour Management? I am just a Calligrapher not a Photographer.

By Dave Gosine / 09/05/2015 /

As promised in the conclusion to Part I of this article, we will now discuss colour management. Colour management is a workflow to control colour representation across all devices in the imaging chain. Most times the imaging chain starts with the camera and usually finishes with your printer. To control the colour, the colour management…

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Why Do We as Artists, Calligraphers and Sumi-e Painters Need to Re-learn what is Colour?

By Dave Gosine / 28/04/2015 /

Why do we as artist, calligraphers and sumi-e painters need to understand what is colour (color) and how to add colour management to our workflow? For most calligraphers, calligraphy is just sumi (black ink) on kami (white paper), but then there are the calligraphers who go beyond basic calligraphy and sumi-e. They experiment with different…

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f1 why your calligraphy credit never works out the way you plan 300x200 - Why Your Calligraphy Credit Never Works Out the Way You Plan

Why Your Calligraphy Credit Never Works Out the Way You Plan

By Dave Gosine / 06/03/2015 /

As you may or may not know, I am a photographer by trade, calligraphy is just a hobby of mine which I started in order to improve my Japanese. By starting Beyond Calligraphy, I’ve made many new friends in the art of Calligraphy and Sumi-E. Sometimes I get an E-mail or phone call from friends…

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5 Tips On How To Make Your Calligraphy Sell

By Dave Gosine / 10/02/2015 /

Everyone has had a portrait taken of themselves sometime in their life. For most people it starts with that cute baby picture, then the school photos, your wedding day and then your family photos. Rinse and repeat the process. What is the common thing in all those portraits, other than you being in the photo?…

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What is Shihan and is Ranking Important in Calligraphy?

By Rona Conti / 15/01/2015 /

The title Shihan is conferred upon people who have reached the level of mastery in calligraphy which certifies them to teach. There is much confusion about this title for many reasons including that the title is used in Japanese martial arts as an honorific for expert or senior instructors. The renowned online dictionary by Jim…

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