Beyond Calligraphy Message to the Gods 300x241 - Discovering My Inner Japanese Artistic Soul

Discovering My Inner Japanese Artistic Soul

By Isabelle Kawai Vincent / 25/12/2020 /

Born as the first second generation Japanese Australian in a small country town, I did not blend in very well with the residents. Apart from looking different, I became aware that I had different thought patterns and attitudes than the people around me. The only exception was my Japanese Mother. It wasn’t until I traveled…

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Neigetsu 1 300x143 - Calligraphy Contest Movie During the Coronavirus Crisis 2020

Calligraphy Contest Movie During the Coronavirus Crisis 2020

By Neigetsu / 12/10/2020 /

The Spring of 2020 was a historic period for everyone in the world. While the unknown new virus spread rapidly, the only thing we could do in many countries including Japan was to “stay home”. The shock was felt around the world. Perhaps we should have expected something like this as many people wondered whether…

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Beyond calligraphy calligraphy kyoto v2 240x300 - Hyōjōshinkoredō (平常心是道) The mind is the way.

Hyōjōshinkoredō (平常心是道) The mind is the way.

By Niimi Chifumi / 10/06/2020 /

Self-Introduction Growing up with Shodō I was born and raised in Kyōto. My mother was an accomplished artist Japanese calligrapher (Shodō-ka). My upbringing was intimately connected with the Shodō world. Enfolded in the rich natural world of Kyōto’s four seasons, I grew up with the brush, suzuri, washi paper and the aroma of sumi ink.…

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Mel Cogitation II 207x300 - Abstract Art and Abstract Calligraphy

Abstract Art and Abstract Calligraphy

By Mel Strawn / 21/12/2019 /

Broadly, today, ‘abstract’ identifies any visual art not concerned with representing known (or imaginary)_ objects, things of the world including optical views of that world–landscape. Simplified symbols, such as marks on cave walls we assume were “counters” –and very simplified (abstracted) representations of plants, animals and landscape features (tree, mountain, etc.) led to standardized letter…

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Neigetsu photo1 v1 300x169 - Israel and Japan: An International Exchange of Japanese Calligraphy

Israel and Japan: An International Exchange of Japanese Calligraphy

By Neigetsu / 26/07/2019 /

Neigetsu and Tirza collaborated on workshops in Israel and Japan and they, along with one of Tirza’s students, Alona, described their experiences. Why don’t you write “One Hundred Character Poem” ? Five years have passed since I completed “One hundred Character Poem” and three years since Rona Conti introduced it on Beyond Calligraphy when I…

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1J8C8076 300x180 - Calligraphy and Photography

Calligraphy and Photography

By David Rubin / 30/06/2017 /

Calligraphy and photography share a common dilemma. Do they produce true art or merely crafts? That is, does their practice create real works of art, or are they simply well-crafted expressions with no deeper content than their surface beauty? Everyone writes, and thus everyone, intentionally or not, creates calligraphy. Today cameras are ubiquitous. Anyone and…

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Shodo & An Empty Mind

By H.E. Davey / 28/03/2017 /

In 1985 I met Kobara Ranseki Sensei, an extraordinary master of Japanese calligraphy, with skill in ink painting as well. He was the founder of the Ranseki Sho Juku system of traditional calligraphic art and the co-founder of the Kokusai Shodo Bunka Koryu Kyokai, an international shodo association headquartered in the Tokyo area. Kobara Sensei…

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Sparrows by dosankodebbie 300x166 - An Introduction to the Art of Etegami

An Introduction to the Art of Etegami

By Dosankodebbie / 10/01/2017 /

In recent years, the popular Japanese art form known as etegami (e= image; tegami= letter) has captured the interest and imagination of artists all over the world. The simplest English definition of etegami may well be “Japanese postcard art.” But that phrase hardly does justice to the “the way” of etegami, and I’m happy to…

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Enso sumi on shikishi board 21 cm x 18 cm 267x300 - Crossing Japanese Calligraphy Borders

Crossing Japanese Calligraphy Borders

By Elke Van dermijnsbrugge / 18/10/2016 /

Mastering calligraphy is a lifelong journey. It requires practice, dedication, failure, and practice again. Never will there be a moment that work has reached the status of perfection. Nevertheless, one has to take the plunge at some point and show the work to the world. Thus, I have recently launched a website, deciding that now…

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Introducing Hangul Art, by Cho Seung Hyeong.( 조 승 형, 趙承衡)

By Sakiko Yanagisawa / 29/07/2016 /

Korea has a long calligraphy history, like China and Japan. In ancient times, all countries (China, Japan and Korea) had been writing calligraphy with Chinese characters. During its long history, Japanese created new original characters called “Hiragana” and “Katakana”. Korea also created new characters called “Hangul” in the 15th century. The 4th Emperor of the…

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