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Introducing Hangul Art, by Cho Seung Hyeong.( 조 승 형, 趙承衡)


Korea has a long calligraphy history, like China and Japan. In ancient times, all countries (China, Japan and Korea) had been writing calligraphy with Chinese characters. During its long history, Japanese created new original characters called “Hiragana” and “Katakana”. Korea also created new characters called “Hangul” in the 15th century. The 4th Emperor of the…

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ペルソナ ノン グラータ(杉原千畝


2015年、第二次世界大戦の最中に活動した日本の外交官 杉原千畝についての映画が監督チェリン グラックによって制作された。この映画は、杉原によって救われリトアニアから逃れてきたユダヤ人難民の殆どが暮らしているポーランドで撮影された。

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PERSONA NON GRATA – Chiune Sugihara


In 2015, a film about the Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara and his actions in the midst of WWII was made by Director Cellin Gluck. The film was shot in Poland where most of the Jewish refugees whose lives he saved had escaped from to Lithuania. The movie’s name is “PERSONA NON GRATA” (Japanese movie title:…

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What is Kana Ryoshi?

Beyond Calligraphy F6 Kana Ryoshi 1024x682 - What is Kana Ryoshi?

Have you ever seen the Genji Monogatari in the form of an 絵巻物 emaki-mono, an Illustrated Handscroll of the Tale of Genji based upon the famous novel by Murasaki Shikibu at a museum or reproduced in a book? I’m sure you were surprised to see the beautiful and delicate paper of the Genji Monogatari illustrated…

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Calligraphy Performance with Jazz


How do you feel about calligraphy? Do you find it stiff and formal? Do you find it boring and uninteresting? Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy has a very long history, and calligraphers must follow its foundations, its rules for creating. They are very strict and formal. Learning the history and the formalities can be interesting whether…

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書展 ・ 祭りばやし



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How Calligraphy Clubs are Making the World a Better Place


Many universities in Japan have a Calligraphy Clubs led by students, and many students learn Calligraphy as club activities. Hosei University also has a Calligraphy Club called “Hosei University Shodōkai”. Usually, a University Calligraphy Club is only for students enrolled in that university. But Hosei University Shodōkai is so unique and intercollegiate. It accepts not…

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