Abstract Art and Abstract Calligraphy

Broadly, today, ‘abstract’ identifies any visual art not concerned with representing known (or imaginary)_ objects, things of the world including optical views of that world–landscape. Simplified symbols, such as marks on cave walls we assume were “counters” –and very simplified (abstracted) representations of plants, animals and landscape features (tree, mountain, etc.) led to standardized letter…

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Is language, and in our sphere of interest, written language not a ‘reaching out’ and a ‘taking in’, an active force?

Usually employed to communicate with others–present or potential, its overt or subjective value is most often utilitarian, a nearly invisible, efficient means to an end, the conveyance of information. Beyond the many such manifestations it partially shapes, informs (literally) and transmits experiential value(s). In practice, in East and West, the forms taken by written/calligraphic language…

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What is the 5th Dimension of Calligraphy?


My own involvement in this special art has a haunting and evasive, sometimes very simple, undertone. Haunting because it is part of my mental life that includes much that is beyond or not part of everyday rational habits. It is more than an exotic Asian mystery and philosophy felt as a special mystique by many…

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