Chinese New Year 4712 begins January 31st. From East to West, in Japan, China and Asia and everywhere people of Chinese origin celebrate, the days are filled with rituals, shared food and conversation. For 15 days families unite and celebrate their culture in welcome. Those born in horse years are said to be talented and cheerful, skillful with money, clever with their hands.

Copyright: Peter Ng

The images chosen to represent the upcoming year to our readers are from Peter Ng, Calligraphy Master and Ink Painter who was born in the Year of the Dragon. Originally from Hong Kong, he immigrated to the United States as a youngster and served in the Armed Forces. He continued working in public service for 42 years until his retirement in September 2013. Since that time he has dedicated himself full time to his art and the community.

Copyright: Peter Ng

A scholar of Chinese culture, in addition to being an accomplished artist, his specialties include Chinese folk dancing, music, and martial arts. Mr. Ng’s passion is to perfect the art of Chinese calligraphy by creating his own style based on the movement of the sword and the brush. Today, he continues to promote his culture by preserving the art of modern Chinese calligraphy.

Copyright: Peter Ng

He is the founder of BrushMagic and BrushMagic Kids. His goal is to invest in the future of American youth and children around the world. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds of sales from his artwork sales go toward funding scholarships in the fields of art, education and STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). As he says, children are our future.

We join Peter Ng in welcoming the Year of the Horse. To all of our readers, 萬事如意, Wànshìrúyì , May all of your wishes be fulfilled.

The Beyond Calligraphy Team