An exhibition organized by Master Yakata Ransui (矢形嵐酔), President and Founder of ICCPS, was held in Tokyo from June 3rd to June 9th. Ink painting, sumi-e, suibokuga and Japanese and Chinese calligraphy were presented.


The International Chinese Calligraphic Art & Chinese Ink Painting Artist Society, with Ransui Yakata as President and General Director, has head offices in Tokyo and branches in China, North America, Russia, and Germany. But the exhibition had an even broader range of participants thanks to the global reach and vision of Master Yakata.


Inviting participants from the various branches along with special guests, some of them students of Master Yakata’s school in Tokyo, the calligraphy exhibition presented an amazing diversity of fine work with each exhibiting artist showing his or her unique work.


Events in conjunction with the exhibition included an opening reception, lectures and demonstrations, and celebratory events with a lively interchange among artists, teachers, students, viewers and enthusiastic supporters of the participants. The event was further able to provide a global interchange due to the presence of Master Zi-Yun, Special Director and Head of the China Liaoning Branch along with other artists who made up the delegation representing China.


The China Liaoning Calligraphy Association, in conjunction with Master Yakata, have organized the most important international event of the year for both societies. An exhibition with invited ICCPS members and calligraphers from all over China will be held in Anshan City from October 1st to October 10th, 2013.


The province is in the Southern part of Northeast China. Anshan is renowned for Quianshan National Park and Jade Buddha Temple and hot springs such as Tanggangzi once frequented by the Qing Emperors of China. Sponsors include the city and provincial governments as well as The Bank of Anshan, The Hoppo Times, The Anshan City Seal Carvers Society and The Anshan City Art Collection Society.