In the Beginning was the Word

Beyond Calligraphy is pleased to present the inimitable Kana-Artist Kaoru Akagawa. Born in Canada, growing up in the United States, attending university in Japan and now living in Germany, her global life and inventiveness is beautifully explored in an illuminating and exquisite video.

Through her spoken words in Japanese and subtitles in English along with exquisite visuals, she grinds sumi ink and begins to calligraph while explaining her philosophy and the explorations of her art. Her starting point of reference is traditional kana from the 10th Century used by noblewomen who were not permitted to learn Kanji. She then moves into the present, re-invents, and brings her work into the modern era, weaving in musical parallels and entering the rarified atmosphere of the avant-garde.

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Rona Conti

Rona Conti is a painter and calligrapher whose artwork is represented in numerous public, private and corporate collections and museums in the United States and internationally. English editor for Beyond Calligraphy, in 1999, she began studying Japanese calligraphy with (Mieko) Kobayashi Sensei of Gunma from whom she received her pen name (魂手恵奈). Invited to exhibit calligraphy at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art with the International Association of Calligraphers for the last five years, she received the “Work of Excellence" Prize three times. She was invited to demonstrate Japanese Calligraphy at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in 2009. Her handmade paper artwork is produced in New York City at Dieu Donne Papermill.


  1. Richard Bohn on 25/01/2013 at 02:36

    superbe in every way

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