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Archive for March 2012

Kanji: 車

figure 1 kanji etymology sha 128x300 - Kanji: 車

we find a definition of 車, stating that it is a cart equipped with a seat(s) (human pulled carriage or sedan chair on wheels). Xu shen also indicates that

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Kanji: 七

figure 1 kanji etymology shichi 221x300 - Kanji: 七

the symbolic meaning of the character 七, describing it as one of the sacred numbers (聖数, pinyin: shèngshù), which are further split into two groups

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Kanji: 耳

figure 1 kanji etymology jii 145x300 - Kanji: 耳

耳 belongs to the 象形文字 (しょうけいもじ, shōkeimoji, i.e. set of characters of pictographic origin). It is a pictograph of a human ear.

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