Cloud in Cursive Script

Chinese and Japanese calligraphy is traditionally written with a brush however, since calligrapher writes with contents of his soul, and the brush acts as its extension, anything could become that brush. Here, a calligraphy by Ponte Ryuurui (品天龍涙) written with a paper tissue. It is a calligraphy of a character 雲, which means “a cloud”. Cursive script, ink on paper.

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Ponte Ryūrui

Ponte Ryuurui (品天龍涙, ぽんてりゅうるい, Ponte Ryūrui) is the pen name of Piotr Ponte L. Sypniewski. He began studying calligraphy in 2001 under Japanese Master Kajita Esshuu (梶田越舟, かじたえっしゅう, 1938 – present).

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