Kanji: 雨


1. Meaning: rain 2. Readings: Kunyomi (訓読み): あま-、あめ、 -さめ Onyomi (音読み): ウ Japanese names: あめ, うらら, うるる, ふる Chinese reading: yǔ, yù 3. Etymology 雨 belongs to the 象形文字 (しょうけいもじ, shōkeimoji, i.e. set of characters of pictographic origin). Kanji 雨 consist of three compounds that all add to its pictographic nature. The top part 一 represents the heavens (天,てん, ten), the 冂 (けい, kei) represents clouds (雲,くも, kumo), and the four dots represent the rain falling from among … [Read more...]