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新しい時代の 王羲之 や空海を!

By Sakiko Yanagisawa / 12/11/2012 /

この展覧会は、新しい時代の 王羲之 や空海を輩出したい、若い世代を育てたい、という想いを持つ、株式会社リンクスの担当者により7年前に企画され、開催されるようになりました。以後、毎年20-30代の書人に貴重な発表の場を提供し続けてきた素晴らしい展覧会です。

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Words Become Art All Around The World

By Beyond Calligraphy / 05/11/2012 /

Calligraphy can be considered a formative art that uses writing as its medium. While typical writing is used as a set of signs designed to replace spoken words

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Figure_8_from_i love_you_to_sushi_and_everything_in_between

From I Love You to Sushi and Everything in Between: On Developing a New Online Japanese Dictionary

By Bui Hoang Hai / 23/10/2012 /

I’ve recently been developing a new online Japanese dictionary for Japanese learners at Why bother creating a new dictionary when there are

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Inspire Others: Volume 1, Issue 2

By Dave Gosine / 17/10/2012 /

Welcome to Inspire Others. As we continue the theme Autumn, the next inspirational word will be Chrysanthemum. Chrysanthemums through out Asian History have

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If East Asian languages are not showing on your Firefox/Windows XP PC

By Dave Gosine / 12/10/2012 /

Firefox should be detect Japanese characters now. If not, you may need to install the East Asian languages pack listed below.

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インスピレーションとかな( 薄木 水雲氏インタビュー)

By Sakiko Yanagisawa / 09/10/2012 /

素敵な笑顔と気さくな雰囲気を持つ 薄木 先生を今回は特集します。

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Inspire Others: Volume 1, Issue 1

By Dave Gosine / 25/09/2012 /

Welcome to Inspire Others. For the very first post we wish to begin simply. We have just entered the month of September which in Japan means time for the leaves to change colour.

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figure 11 feeling the echo of ink an interview master yamada 300x1481 300x148 - Feeling the Echo of Ink: An interview with Master Yamada.

Feeling the Echo of Ink: An interview with Master Yamada.

By Rona Conti / 12/09/2012 /

Master Yamada is the organizer of “Calligraphy Friends From All Over Japan” and a member of the judging panel of the Mainichi Shodo Exhibition, one of the largest

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figure 1 feeling the echo of ink an interview master yamada 300x1481 300x148 - 墨の響きを感じる( 山田 修也氏インタビュー)

墨の響きを感じる( 山田 修也氏インタビュー)

By Sakiko Yanagisawa / 11/09/2012 /

山田 先生は、「全国書の仲間展佑友」の主宰者であり、日本で最も大きい公募展「毎日書道展」の審査会員でもあります。

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流派を越えて 書 の楽しさを

By Sakiko Yanagisawa / 21/08/2012 /

2012年7月27日から29日、東京の有名な観光地 浅草で、流派を越えたとても興味深い書展が開催されました。その書展は、第11回全国書の仲間展「佑友」

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