How are Inkstones and Cast Iron Cookware similar?


As a young child I used to watch my father cook and help my mother bake. This explains why I find cooking relaxing after a long day working at the computer. As the primary evening cook in my household, I decided to purchase some iron cookware pans. I was used to them from my childhood. But in talking to my Mother, she stopped me from purchasing them. She said that I could take some of the old cast iron ones they weren’t using anymore. This was great as it saved money, and saving every penny is … [Read more...]

Shadow Photography and Calligraphy


いつからだろう、影を見つめるようになったのは?書と墨の色に魅了され、日本を愛していた私が、南半球の国、オーストラリアに移住したのは20数年前。言葉の違う国で戸惑ったことは、言葉よりも、日本とは異なる乾いた空気と澄み切った青い空、眩い光、そしてその光に描きだされる影の濃さだった。 影に興味を覚えたのは、ある夏の日に公園で見た木の影が、まるで前衛作品の書のように思えたからだ。日々の生活に追われ、書を描くことができなくなっていた私は、Art Diaryに素描を描いたり、絵のアイディアを書き込むように、筆の替わりにカメラを使い、影の写真を撮るようになった。影の写真を撮るということは、影という墨を白い紙に置くようなものかもしれない。 そんな私の書と影への思いをLuke Wong … [Read more...]

What Calligraphy Teachers Never Told You About The Nitten


Is scandal possible in the world of Japanese calligraphy? The Nitten, the largest annual fine arts exhibition in Japan and currently attended by about 175,000 visitors, has admitted to rigging exhibition results for the screening of the 2009 section “seal engraving” within the calligraphy section of the exhibition for that year. Further research resulted in similar results for previous years with the eight major schools of calligraphy in Japan being the recipients of being chosen while other … [Read more...]