Hanging scroll – the ancient tradition (Part II)


In this article on hanging scrolls I would like to explain one of the correct ways of signing the protective box that comes with the scroll. Naturally, the method below does not encompass everything there is to be said about the practice of signing scroll boxes. Nonetheless, it should serve as a good example of how it is done traditionally. After the calligraphy is mounted on a scroll, a custom sized box is crafted that protects the scroll from dust, insects and damage. Such a box is … [Read more...]

Hanging scroll – the ancient tradition (Part 1)


History of the hanging scroll. The hanging scroll is an art of its own, although it does not exist without the calligraphy work. It is said that the beauty of calligraphy depends on the brush work, ink application, character structure, composition, and rhythm. But equally important factors are the signature and the seal, the quality of framing, the display location, and even the time it is presented to the world (season, occasion, etc.). The history of scroll making goes back to the … [Read more...]