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Wang Xizhi and Kukai of a new era

By Beyond Calligraphy / 06/12/2012 /

The exhibition was held with the hope of nurturing a younger generation of calligraphers in the tradition of Wang Xizhi (王羲之) and Kukai (空海).

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流浪的龍魂 水墨 痕跡

By Beyond Calligraphy / 20/11/2012 /

我被日本文化的魅力所吸引開始於武術 。武術訓練所需的精神和思維定式,對應的就是 水墨 畫和書法藝術

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Întâlnirile mele cu pensulele: Partea I

By Beyond Calligraphy / 16/11/2012 /

Întâlnirile mele cu pensulele au continuat pănă la finalul facultăţii. Când am aterizat la Boston, mi-am amenajat un atelier de pictură, dar era mai dificil

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Can an Armless Person become a Calligraphy Master

By Beyond Calligraphy / 08/11/2012 /

It’s a pretty rare person who has mastered the classical art of calligraphy. Wu Yong is all the more exceptional because he writes by holding the brush between his teeth.

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Words Become Art All Around The World

By Beyond Calligraphy / 05/11/2012 /

Calligraphy can be considered a formative art that uses writing as its medium. While typical writing is used as a set of signs designed to replace spoken words

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Stroke of Luck ~ The Power of a Brush Stroke

By Casey Shannon / 30/10/2012 /

I experienced a massive left hemisphere brain-stem stroke four days after my 36th birthday. In an instant, I was paralyzed.

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Figure_8_from_i love_you_to_sushi_and_everything_in_between

From I Love You to Sushi and Everything in Between: On Developing a New Online Japanese Dictionary

By Bui Hoang Hai / 23/10/2012 /

I’ve recently been developing a new online Japanese dictionary for Japanese learners at Why bother creating a new dictionary when there are

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figure 1 wang xizhi P2 1024x8432 300x247 - I maghi dell'inchiostro: 王羲之 (Wang Xizhi, 303 – 361). Parte II

I maghi dell'inchiostro: 王羲之 (Wang Xizhi, 303 – 361). Parte II

By Daniela Di Perna / 13/07/2012 /

Wang Xizhi, come molti calligrafi, era spesso sbadato e quando si immergeva totalmente nei suoi studi, si distraeva del tutto. Un giorno, chiamato dalla

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Figure 1 encounters with brushes p1 207x3001 207x300 - Encounters with Brushes: Part I

Encounters with Brushes: Part I

By Rona Conti / 09/07/2012 /

My encounters with brushes continued through college. When I landed in Boston I set up a painting studio, but a place to do ceramics was more challenging.

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profile mariusz szmerdt 300x2482 300x248 - 彷徨う 龍 の魂の軌跡

彷徨う 龍 の魂の軌跡

By Beyond Calligraphy / 03/07/2012 /

水墨画(墨絵)という芸術は、もともと東アジア(主に中国と日本)のものであり、私の故郷ポーランドでは、特に、アジアの文化に慣れ親しんでいない人にとっては、むしろ異色なものでした。芸術の本質は無限で、作品の隅々まで、深く味わわせてくれます。 […]

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