平仮名 (ひらがな, hiragana): え (i.e. “e”)

By Ponte Ryūrui / 29/07/2011 /

The word えい (えい, ei, i.e. “eternity”) written in Japanese Kana (かな) script. The hiragana character い is based on the cursive form of the kanji 以

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平仮名 (ひらがな, hiragana): う (i.e. “u”)

By Ponte Ryūrui / 23/07/2011 /

The modern form of う comes from the cursive form of the kanji 宇 (う, u, i.e. “counter for buildings”). Follow the progression of the different scripts shown

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figure_1_ hiragana_i

平仮名 (ひらがな, hiragana): い (i.e. "i")

By Ponte Ryūrui / 14/07/2011 /

The modern form of い comes from the cursive form of the kanji 以 (い, i, i.e. “by means of”, “because of”, etc.). Follow the different scripts shown in

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平仮名 (ひらがな, hiragana): あ (i.e. "a").

By Ponte Ryūrui / 12/07/2011 /

The modern form of the hiragana character あ comes from the cursive form of the kanji 安 (あん, an, i.e. “relaxed”, “cheap”, or “peaceful”).

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Figure 1. 金文 (きんぶん, kinbun, i.e. “text on metal”) form of the character員

Kanji: 円

By Ponte Ryūrui / 06/07/2011 /

The traditional form of 円 is 圓, whose most ancient form is 員. The other form of 員 was surrounded by

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Figure 1. 又 (right hand), oracle bone script (甲骨文).

Kanji: 右

By Ponte Ryūrui / 26/06/2011 /

右 belongs to the 会意文字 (かいいもじ, kaii moji, i.e. characters that are a combination of two or more pictographs, or characters which meaning was based on an abstract concept).

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How to understand Far Eastern Calligraphy? (Part One)

By Ponte Ryūrui / 14/06/2011 /

Before we venture into the abyssal realm of Chinese and Japanese calligraphy, we need to ask ourselves a question: what does “calligraphy” really mean? Word “calligraphy” has Greek etymology, and it derives

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What is Beyond Calligraphy

By Dave Gosine / 01/01/2011 /

Beyond Calligraphy is a artistic project aiming at introducing Chinese and Japanese calligraphy to anyone willing to learn more about this fascinating art. This blog is devoted to presenting current calligraphic events In the Far East (presently, with main focus on Japan), as well as various presentations lavishly decorated with pictures or videos, that reveal…

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What is Calligraphy

By Beyond Calligraphy / 05/03/2010 /

The commonly-known word “calligraphy” has Greek etymology, and it derives from κάλλος kallos “beauty” + γραφή graphẽ “writing”. However, in a way, this is a very unfortunate translation in regards to calligraphy based on the Chinese writing system (on this site, also referred to as kanji, 漢字 – i.e characters from China’s Han dynasty). The…

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