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How being an Author for Beyond Calligraphy can raise your Google Ranking

By Dave Gosine / 28/05/2013 /

By implementing the Author box, the author is promoted, and the reader can learn more fully about the person, giving a richer picture of each contributor.

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Inspire Others: Volume 2, Issue 2 – Sakura

By Dave Gosine / 29/03/2013 /

Welcome to Inspire Others. Since we are in the spring season and the tree and flowers are in bloom how about we choose Sakura for the next inspire use.

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Inspire Others: Volume 2, Issue 1

By Dave Gosine / 30/01/2013 /

Welcome to Inspire Others. Since we are in the winter season, Lets try something other then one kanji “trees covers with ice” We hope that this word will

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Kaoru Akagawa - Ancient Words

In the Beginning was the Word

By Rona Conti / 25/01/2013 /

Through her spoken words in Japanese and subtitles in English along with exquisite visuals, she grinds sumi ink and begins to calligraphy while explaining her

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流派を越えて 書 の楽しさを

By Sakiko Yanagisawa / 21/08/2012 /

2012年7月27日から29日、東京の有名な観光地 浅草で、流派を越えたとても興味深い書展が開催されました。その書展は、第11回全国書の仲間展「佑友」

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Dear Readers of Beyond Calligraphy

By Dave Gosine / 20/08/2012 /

Piotr Ponte-Sypniewski (pen name: Ponte Ryūrui) has decided to leave Beyond Calligraphy to pursue other projects.

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profile mariusz szmerdt 300x2482 300x248 - 彷徨う 龍 の魂の軌跡

彷徨う 龍 の魂の軌跡

By Beyond Calligraphy / 03/07/2012 /

水墨画(墨絵)という芸術は、もともと東アジア(主に中国と日本)のものであり、私の故郷ポーランドでは、特に、アジアの文化に慣れ親しんでいない人にとっては、むしろ異色なものでした。芸術の本質は無限で、作品の隅々まで、深く味わわせてくれます。 […]

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