Kaoru Akagawa - Ancient Words

In the Beginning was the Word

By Rona Conti / 25/01/2013 /

Through her spoken words in Japanese and subtitles in English along with exquisite visuals, she grinds sumi ink and begins to calligraphy while explaining her

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Figure 1 日 (hi, sun), oracle bone script, from c.a. 1600 B.C.

Far Eastern Calligraphy – is it written or drawn?

By Ponte Ryūrui / 24/06/2011 /

Chinese and Japanese calligraphy is created with a brush, on a white sheet of paper that could be seen as a canvas. In opposition to the Western calligraphy, Far Eastern calligraphy is not a craft, but an art.

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Avant-garde Japanese calligraphy (前衛書道, zenei shodou)

By Beyond Calligraphy / 05/03/2010 /

The history of avant-garde calligraphy (前衛書道, zenei shodou) begins before World War II, although its raw idea was pursued only after the war ended. Precursors of this trend were a few master calligraphers of the early 20th century, who were cultivating further what grand master Hidai Tenrai (比田井天来) initiated in the 19th century. Today he…

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