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Learning and Dictionaries

Japanese Calligraphy is a site that teaches one how to write Japanese Characters.
Denshi Jisho is an easy-to-use and powerful online Japanese dictionaryomniglot_logo-300pxw-100pxh

Magazines and Publications

Kyoto Journal is a publication that talks about Japan is a website dedicated to the Fountain pen.
Tenrai ShoinWhere Expats Blog

Artists and Studios

Sakiko Yanagisawa blogransui_logo-300pxw-100pxh
Calligrapher and Artist: Rona Contikrupa_logo-300pxw-100pxh
Kana-Artist Kaoru Akagawa, My aim is to bring the genuine and traditional art of Japanese Kana Shodo to people all over the world.
 Simon Silaidis urban calligraphy leads him through inner peace and serenity to the path of wisdom

Foundations and Museums


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