Mel Cogitation II 207x300 - Abstract Art and Abstract Calligraphy

Abstract Art and Abstract Calligraphy

By Mel Strawn / 21/12/2019 /

Broadly, today, ‘abstract’ identifies any visual art not concerned with representing known (or imaginary)_ objects, things of the world including optical views of that world–landscape. Simplified symbols, such as marks on cave walls we assume were “counters” –and very simplified (abstracted) representations of plants, animals and landscape features (tree, mountain, etc.) led to standardized letter…

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Shodo & An Empty Mind

By H.E. Davey / 28/03/2017 /

In 1985 I met Kobara Ranseki Sensei, an extraordinary master of Japanese calligraphy, with skill in ink painting as well. He was the founder of the Ranseki Sho Juku system of traditional calligraphic art and the co-founder of the Kokusai Shodo Bunka Koryu Kyokai, an international shodo association headquartered in the Tokyo area. Kobara Sensei…

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Enso sumi on shikishi board 21 cm x 18 cm 267x300 - Crossing Japanese Calligraphy Borders

Crossing Japanese Calligraphy Borders

By Elke Van dermijnsbrugge / 18/10/2016 /

Mastering calligraphy is a lifelong journey. It requires practice, dedication, failure, and practice again. Never will there be a moment that work has reached the status of perfection. Nevertheless, one has to take the plunge at some point and show the work to the world. Thus, I have recently launched a website, deciding that now…

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Introducing Hangul Art, by Cho Seung Hyeong.( 조 승 형, 趙承衡)

By Sakiko Yanagisawa / 29/07/2016 /

Korea has a long calligraphy history, like China and Japan. In ancient times, all countries (China, Japan and Korea) had been writing calligraphy with Chinese characters. During its long history, Japanese created new original characters called “Hiragana” and “Katakana”. Korea also created new characters called “Hangul” in the 15th century. The 4th Emperor of the…

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One Hundred Character Poem – Life is Beautiful

By Rona Conti / 23/02/2016 /

Neigetsu is a Japanese Calligraphic Designer and Artist, born in Tokyo, Japan in 1982. She began learning Japanese calligraphy at the age of 6. Neigetsu received a Bachelor of Education from the University of Tokyo. She attained the rank of Shihan in 2008, certifying her as an instructor of Japanese calligraphy. Her artwork goes beyond…

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Beyond Calligraphy F6 Kana Ryoshi 300x200 - What is Kana Ryoshi?

What is Kana Ryoshi?

By Sakiko Yanagisawa / 10/02/2016 /

Have you ever seen the Genji Monogatari in the form of an 絵巻物 emaki-mono, an Illustrated Handscroll of the Tale of Genji based upon the famous novel by Murasaki Shikibu at a museum or reproduced in a book? I’m sure you were surprised to see the beautiful and delicate paper of the Genji Monogatari illustrated…

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Would You Show Your Calligraphy Mistakes for an Exhibition?

By Rona Conti / 02/10/2015 /

What is the meaning of the color red in various cultures? What comes to your mind first? Red as celebratory in China, red for a 60th birthday in Japan and your second childhood, a red light meaning stop immediately or the dreaded X in red in Western cultures meaning incorrect on schoolwork? You must be…

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What do Calligraphy, Handmade Paper and Rejection have in Common?

By Rona Conti / 05/06/2015 /

All artists need to become skilled in accepting the many ways of rejection, from form letters to “we had so many high quality applicants, unfortunately you were not selected etc.” Some offer encouragement which is appreciated. Whatever the reason for not being accepted into an exhibition or a gallery or when there is a likely…

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An Unexpected Visit to Taiwan Master Calligrapher SYUE Ping-nan’s Studio

By Rona Conti / 24/03/2015 /

The telephone call I received in Japanese while living in Japan seemed mysterious. I thought I understood what was being said and replied in Japanese, yet I was unsure. The woman said that she was a calligraphy teacher and had heard about me, a foreigner studying calligraphy, and that she would like me to meet…

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How Far Would You Go To Have "Your Name Written in Calligraphy"

By Rona Conti / 17/02/2015 /

How do a female car stunt driver and a contemporary calligraphy artist collaborate to make magic in just over a minute and make each of us want to create as they do? How do they go far beyond the traditional “ your name written in calligraphy ” advertised so often on the internet? The new…

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