An Unexpected Visit to Taiwan Master Calligrapher SYUE Ping-nan’s Studio


The telephone call I received in Japanese while living in Japan seemed mysterious. I thought I understood what was being said and replied in Japanese, yet I was unsure. The woman said that she was a calligraphy teacher and had heard about me, a foreigner studying calligraphy, and that she would like me to meet her in Takasaki to work with her. For starters, I already had been studying with Kobayashi Sensei, my teacher for “life”, and the woman did not mention Sensei. (Nor did Sensei recognize … [Read more...]

How Far Would You Go To Have “Your Name Written in Calligraphy”


How do a female car stunt driver and a contemporary calligraphy artist collaborate to make magic in just over a minute and make each of us want to create as they do? How do they go far beyond the traditional “ your name written in calligraphy ” advertised so often on the internet?The new Opel Corsa is San Yalemos’s vehicle of creativity, brush and paint are those of Simon Silaidis. In tandem, one feeding off the other, pushing the limits of their tools and bodies in an expansive … [Read more...]

Calligraphy Performance with Jazz


How do you feel about calligraphy? Do you find it stiff and formal? Do you find it boring and uninteresting?Chinese and Japanese Calligraphy has a very long history, and calligraphers must follow its foundations, its rules for creating. They are very strict and formal. Learning the history and the formalities can be interesting whether or not you are a student, teacher or observer. The more you study and know about calligraphy, the more interesting you will find it to be. But there must be … [Read more...]