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Archive for May 2012

Hairy Thugs

figure 1 hairy thugs 300x183 - Hairy Thugs

The Hairy Thugs gang was founded long ago, back in early 30’s. As you can see in the historical photo, the captured brothers Hai Sum Bai and Lo Sum Bai

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Kanji: 小

figure 1 kanji etymology shou 195x300 - Kanji: 小

Xiao Xu Ben a revision of Shuowen Jiezi written by the Late Han dynasty scholar Xu Kai, supports the above mentioned definition of 小, by further explanation

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Kanji: 女

figure 1 kanji etymology jo 247x300 - Kanji: 女

a philologist of the Han dynasty (漢朝, pinyin: Hàn Cháo, 206 B.C. – 220 C.E.) is quite simple and straight forward. Xu states that the character 女 represents a woman.

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