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Archive for February 2012

Shifty Characters

figure 1 shifty characters 300x159 - Shifty Characters

A given character written in each calligraphy script may have (and usually does) different forms and stroke order, though the stroke order is less rigid in

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心弾めば、筆踊る: 書道 研究会にて

figure 4 when the mind soars the brush dances 203x300 - 心弾めば、筆踊る: 書道 研究会にて


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Kanji: 山

figure 1 kanji etymology yama 141x300 - Kanji: 山

A 山 írásjegy hangzása, valamint másodlagos jelentései sok szállal kapcsolódnak az ősi kínai mítoszokhoz. Az “Egyszerű írásjegyek magyarázata és összetett

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Kanji: 字

figure 1 kanji etymology ji 164x300 - Kanji: 字

字 is composed of two characters, 子 (し, shi, “child”) and 宀 (べん, ben, i.e. “roof” radical, found in Chinese characters). 宀 in the character 字 symbolizes a

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The Tale of Nushu

figure 1 the tale of nushu 249x300 - The Tale of Nushu

Nushu characters are not of a semantic nature. They have phonetic relevance to the local Chengguan dialect (城關土話, pinyin: Chéngguān tǔhuà), which is why

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