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Archive for October 2011

Kanji: 月

figure 1 kanji etymology getsu - Kanji: 月

月 belongs to the 象形文字 (しょうけいもじ, shōkeimoji, i.e. set of characters of pictographic origin). It is a pictograph of a crescent moon.

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Kanji: 空

figure 1 kanji etymology kuu - Kanji: 空

空 belongs to the 形声文字 (けいせいもじ, keiseimoji, i.e. phono-semantic compound characters). This is by far the largest group of Chinese characters, encompassing

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Kanji: 金

figure 1 kanji etymology kin - Kanji: 金

The kanji 金 is a pictograph of copper ore cast in a mould. It can also represent one of the 五色の金 (ごしきのかね, go shiki no kane, i.e. “metals of the five colors)

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