Can you solve this Calligraphy?


One of our reads asked for help in reading their scroll. The scroll is written on wood, measuring is 200L x 38.5cm. We have asked a few Calligraphy people in Japan, but still awaiting their answers. In the meantime, permission has been given for us to ask for the community in helping to solve this Calligraphy. … [Read more...]

Gallery Sarah hosts ‘ Calligraphy – The Art of the Letter ‘ Exhibition.


Gallery Sarah in part of the bait Al Zubair Museum and it’s the first art gallery of its kind in Oman. From now until the end of August its hosting an exhibition by a group of calligraphers titled ‘Calligraphy - The Art of the Letter’.The exhibition brings together an eclectic mix of talented Arabic calligraphers and typographers who are pushing the boundaries of the art form into new directions.In the Arab world, calligraphy has been used to a much greater extent and in … [Read more...]

New Year 2014 greetings from Beyond Calligraphy. Were you born in the Year of the Horse?


Chinese New Year 4712 begins January 31st. From East to West, in Japan, China and Asia and everywhere people of Chinese origin celebrate, the days are filled with rituals, shared food and conversation. For 15 days families unite and celebrate their culture in welcome. Those born in horse years are said to be talented and cheerful, skillful with money, clever with their hands.The images chosen to represent the upcoming year to our readers are from Peter Ng, Calligraphy Master and Ink … [Read more...]

What Calligraphy Teachers Never Told You About The Nitten


Is scandal possible in the world of Japanese calligraphy? The Nitten, the largest annual fine arts exhibition in Japan and currently attended by about 175,000 visitors, has admitted to rigging exhibition results for the screening of the 2009 section “seal engraving” within the calligraphy section of the exhibition for that year. Further research resulted in similar results for previous years with the eight major schools of calligraphy in Japan being the recipients of being chosen while other … [Read more...]

The Insider’s Guide to Arabic Calligraphy


AraCal ( is a project aimed at the thorough preservation of Arabic calligraphy as it has evolved since its inception. Naturally, though, a project of this nature does not simply address literal changes in character strokes, proportions, and angles. Rather, AraCal is an exploration of these fluid scripts as they were handled, molded, and stretched by countless cultures over hundreds of years.Arabic calligraphy grew and spread with the language over a century and a half ago. In … [Read more...]



What do Peanuts and Snoopy have to do with Japanese calligraphy? Quite a lot it seems. Best Friends Snoopy and Charlie Brown and the spirit of Charles Schulz and artist Yoshiteru Otani can all be found in one delightful exhibition. SNOOPY JAPANESQUE traveled from Ginza to the Hankyu Umeda head offices in Osaka and can be viewed from September 4th to the 16th, 2013.Yoshiteru Otani's museum and commercial exhibition designs on a variety of projects throughout Japan are well known. The special … [Read more...]

From Sumi-e to Facebook scams, the weeks wrap up of interesting links


It’s been a busy week around Beyond Calligraphy, so to relax we have decided to share a few links for everyone.1. For anyone wanting to learn or try Sumi-e, Sensei Kazu Shimura has some great posts and video’s in English that can help any beginner get started.2. If Sumi-e is not what you are looking for and you want to learn about Kanji. You can always watch some videos from Nao. She has very large collection of Kanji videos on her website.3. This is just something we found … [Read more...]