When You Discount Your Art, Are You Only Losing Money?


My first solo exhibition was held in a large open architected space. It was easy to see my paintings at a distance and up close, the venue was excellent. I was graduating from Antioch College, the year was 1964. I hung the work, a range of large and somewhat smaller paintings and made a price list with my name and contact information. There was no formal opening nor a reception, just an opportunity for many people to see paintings and find out who made them. To my surprise and pleasure I … [Read more...]

How are Inkstones and Cast Iron Cookware similar?


As a young child I used to watch my father cook and help my mother bake. This explains why I find cooking relaxing after a long day working at the computer. As the primary evening cook in my household, I decided to purchase some iron cookware pans. I was used to them from my childhood. But in talking to my Mother, she stopped me from purchasing them. She said that I could take some of the old cast iron ones they weren’t using anymore. This was great as it saved money, and saving every penny is … [Read more...]

The Art of Japanese Calligraphy


What is the art of Japanese calligraphy at its essence? Descriptions abound, but to see, to feel, to view through the lens of a Madrid photographer and filmmaker captivated by the process is to enter fully into the experience. Music accompaniment with only a few words for identification makes for a ten minute view from which anyone, from beginning student to the most experienced practitioner, can learn something of value and be inspired. Curious minds will be caught in the eye of the beholder … [Read more...]

How Selling Calligraphy Can Get You to Your Heart’s Desire


Like most artists we have to pay for life’s running cost, so we have a full-time or part-time job. Not saying a day job is bad, but wouldn’t you be happier creating Calligraphy, sumi-e or anything else you love and get paid to do it? Hopefully these tips will provide you with some ideas on how to better promote your work and attain your dream. 1. Do great work: Remember that quality does matter. If you want people to purchase your work, make it worth purchasing. Practice your craft as an … [Read more...]

Why the World Would End without Stroke Orders


“Help me. I am having an argument with my Japanese teacher.” A friend of mine named Jochen who just started to take Japanese lessons wrote to me one day shivering in a rage. He was practicing Hiragana, or Japanese characters, when his teacher told him that he must learn the correct stroke order. But he found his teachers words to be trivial. His Argument is: The writing process is not important. It is the result which is more important, how it looks at the end. He added, “I especially … [Read more...]

How being an Author for Beyond Calligraphy can raise your Google Ranking


If you have been reading the Beyond Calligraphy e-magazine, you may have noticed that we have added an Author box at the bottom of every post. The team felt that having only the name of the writer or translator at the top of the article was not sufficient to tell our readers about each person and to highlight their work. By implementing the Author box, the author is promoted, and the reader can learn more fully about the person, giving a richer picture of each contributor. Using the … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Inefficiency: A story about Traditional Hiragana


Reading handwritten letters from my Grandmother was always a difficult problem for me. Her handwriting looked like scribbling to a teenage girl, and I used to request that my Grandmother write more properly using block-printed letters. It was only when I discovered Kana-Shodo that I understood that her handwriting was not just a scribble but that she was using old traditional Hiragana, a heritage of deep Japanese beauty from the Middle Ages. Hiragana, or ancient traditional Japanese … [Read more...]